Divergent: Four’s Story

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.” – Four

So after finishing both ‘Divergent’ and ‘Insergent’ (and boycotting ‘Allegiant’ for all the avid readers you’ll know why), I trailed online for anything Veronica Roth may have written based on the famous best seller and  I was ecstatic to learn she had written shorts based on one of my favourite male leads ‘Four’ or ‘Tobias’ however best you know him.

With one of the Four chapter stories already read and anticipation for the next releases heightened, I thought why not write FourTris chapters myself, they are in no way as amazing as Veronica Roth’s ‘Four: A Divergent Story’ but my shorts are made by a fan for the fans, whilst we await some of our favourite chapters in the perspective of Four himself  through Veronica’s amazing imagination in Summer 2014.


Chapter Six- The Initiates

So within a few minutes I’ll meet the new initiates, I can’t think why I’d agreed to this now. There was a reason why I liked working in the control room, only my computer for company, the same reason why I hadn’t take the Dauntless leader role. But I had to put it at the back of my mind, Max wanted me to train them and I didn’t want them to have to deal with Eric alone, it wouldn’t have been pretty and that wasn’t the Dauntless I had chosen. I didn’t like interacting with people though, probably because I don’t tend to trust easily. I stand looking around the cavern, the initiates won’t know it at first but the room is filled with others from Dauntless. I scrape my boot against the concrete, for no reason in particular, but to make time pass by.

“No, it can’t be” I hear the murmur from the crowd before I see it, I turn my head and see a grey cloth floating downwards in fury and bounce against the net. It’s a girl, I step forward and reach into the net to help her, without thinking I place my hands around her arms and lift her out. My hands burn, what am I doing? As soon as her feet reach the ground I release my grip, my hand left with a tingling feeling that I try and suppress, unclenching my fist doesn’t seem to work.  I wipe my hands against my trousers and place them in my pockets.

‘‘Can’t believe it” a voice says from behind me, I turn startled, had everyone else noticed. “A stiff, the first to jump? Unheard of.”

My body relaxes all over, my impulsive movement gone unnoticed. I had to agree, hardly anyone left the Abnegation factor and even if they did, it didn’t tend to be for Dauntless, both were like polar opposites, or were they? Didn’t being selfless mean you were brave? It was something I always fought with myself about. I looked at this small girl stood in front of me now, clothed in grey from head to toe, her hair in a bun, completely inconsequential, but there was something about her. It was her eyes, they were wide eyed and blue, no grey, no, I just couldn’t tell, I look away, I shouldn’t be staring so hard, I’ll be her instructor soon, that is if she lasts. “There’s a reason why she left them, Lauren.” I say, “What’s your name?”


I look into her eyes, what was her story? Why was I asking myself so many questions? Why was it important? I mean in a few moments I would have a whole group of initiates gathered in front of me, why was I making this so difficult?  “Think about it,” I feel my lips curl and I can’t help faintly smiling, “You don’t get to pick again.”

“Tris” she replies, it had to be short for something, a nickname maybe, because she didn’t hesitate, this would now be her Dauntless identity, no longer a part of the Abnegation faction, she would have to learn our ways if she wants to be one of us. Something in me falters, I question it again and feel butterflies, could someone so small, with little or no muscle succeed.

“Tris,” lauren repeats grinning. “Make the announcement Four”

I nod and turn to the vast cavern, filled in the darkness with people who have all gone through this exact same moment. “First jumper- Tris”, I watch her smile,  this wasn’t just a test for us it was for her too, she looks calmer, settled like she’s found where she belongs.

I can’t help it, my hand aches in my pocket, it beckons to touch her. I set it on her back, and the instant fiery feeling burns, sending adrenaline shooting through my veins, I can’t explain it, I’m not sure I want to. And I don’t want to pull away it’s like a invisble magnetic field holding my hand in place, I have to say something. I hear the next initiate drop and the crowd cheer, “Welcome to Dauntless” I say to her.

On another note from the most recent trailer I would say Theo James is the perfect Tobias, even though he’s much older than Shailene Woodley, the chemistry between them is intense and they work in sync to depict my two favourite characters from the book. Before anyone disagrees, I understand that everyone has different ideals when an actor or actress is hired to play a character from their most loved books, believe me it’s normal to feel like this. But for me his sheer strength and broody emotions tied in with how I read Four.


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